Irix 15mm f/2.4 Wide Angle Lens


Our 15mm f/2.4 lens will suit the professional photographer's needs while maintaining the ease of use a novice will appreciate. We also packed it with features that you won't find on similar lenses from other manufacturers. 

Perfect for Night Photography Fast Aperture f/2.4 Wide-Angle: 110 degree field of view (Diagonal) Filter Size 95mm - No Vignetting Compatible with Irix Edge IFH-100 Square Filter Holder Weather-Sealed Construction Compatible with Full Frame and APS-C Rear Gel Filter Slot Innovative Focus Lock Infinity "Click" Position Semi-automatic modes (PASM) support In-Camera Focus Indication Support All exposure parameters are saved in EXIF data Available in Firefly and Blackstone version Swiss Design with Japanese Glass

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Designed in Europe, manufactured with Korean technologies and Japanese glass

As our premier lens, the 15mm f/2.4 wide-angle lens has become the flagship of our fleet! Our engineers designed it to be a precision tool that sets new standards for the way you work. This lens has been designed for Full Frame cameras but is also directly compatible with crop sensor cameras.

We're proud to say we've created a manual focus, super-wide-angle lens that allows you to stretch your creativity by expanding the viewing angle for a greater sense of space as well as opening up new perspectives for effects. It's the perfect lens for landscape, architectural and wide field astrophotography.

The lens is offered in two finish versions. The Firefly, the standard version is made of lightweight composite, provided with an anti-slip rubber coating and clearly printed markings. The Blackstone, the premium version features a durable aluminum/magnesium alloy body that ensures rugged durability. Blackstone’s engraved fluorescent markings reflect UV light to enable easy operation in low-light conditions

This versatile lens will adapt to every situation and the results are impressive, to say the least. The built-in depth of field scale gives you precise information about the sharpness range for each aperture setting. The unique hyperfocal scale helps you find the optimal focus setting for a given aperture quickly. 

We paid attention to every detail, right down to focusing. The ergonomic focusing ring incorporates a convenient click-stop at infinity so you can even find it in the dark! An innovative focus lock lets you easily set the focus anywhere on the scale and keep it there for consistently repeatable results and to help avoid accidental movement. With a minimum focusing distance of 11.02" (0.28m), you can get in close to your subjects for great wide-angle effects.

Our "Neutrino" coating will ensures minimal ghosting, chromatic aberration and flare, with maximum sharpness and contrast. (No, this it isn't made from neutrinos; it's just a catchy name for the spectrally neutral (flat transmission) coating.

Meet the Irix 15mm f/2.4

People say

These lenses must have been designed for night photographers. Both lenses perform extremely well for astro and night photography.
Lance Keimig

Lance Keimig


The difference between Firefly and Blackstone lenses

This lens exists in two different finishes, the normal version called Firefly and a premium version called Blackstone. Both lenses have identical optical quality, the only differences are in the housing. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the one that best fits for you. 

Infinity Focus "Click" and DOF Scale
Removable Lens Hood
Rear Slot for Gel Filters
95mm Front Filter Thread
Focus Lock Ring
Weather Sealed
9 Rounded Blades
Option to Callibrate
Ergonomic Focus Ring
Lightweigt Durable Plastic Housing
Extra Front Weather Seal
UV Light Reactive Markings
Robust Metal Housing

People say

When I have a wide-angle composition in front of me, I always reach for one of the Irix lenses...

Richard Bernabe

Richard Bernabe

So what makes us so special?

Being photographers ourselves, we knew exactly what would make our (photography) lives easier. We have combined manual photography with a few small but ingenious improvements, making this lens the ideal solution for both professionals and hobbyists. Check them out below.

95mm Front Filter Thread

Even though this is a wide angle lens, we decided it should be possible to use  filters, so we designed it with a 95mm front thread. Then we created the Irix Edge 95mm filters with their ultra-slim profile to prevent vignetting. 

(Of course, you can use any other 95mm filters, too. Just be aware that they'll need to be low-profile  to avoid vignetting, due to the extremely wide angle of this lens.)

Infinity Click

Our 15mm lens lets you find the infinity focus without looking when you need to. When you turn the focus ring, you will feel a small "click" when you reach the infinity position.

This is extremely helpful when you need to focus at infinity at night or when you're looking through your viewfinder.

Unique Lens Hood Design

Our specially designed, detachable lens hood mounts easily on the lugs on the end of the lens barell, encircling any filter. It detaches with a quick twist and reverse mounts just as easily for storage in the included lens case.

Our intelligent design didn't stop there! We realized that you'd need to access filters like CPL and variable ND to adjust them. We included a unique window with a sliding cover, so you can easily reach the edge of those filters while leaving the hood in place to reduce glare.

Rear Gel Filters

The Irix 15mm has a 95mm front filter thread AND a rear gelatin filter slot for even more creative options. You can purchase our Irix Edge gel filters or you can cut your own. The slot size is 30x30mm

Easy to use Hyperfocal Scale

The Irix 15mm includes a depth-of-field scale that provides DoF information at a glance. We've also added a unique hyperfocal scale that lets you easily set the optimal focus distance for the current aperture setting. This feature lets you set your focusing distance for the maximum depth of field without any calculations or guesswork!

If you're not familiar with a depth of field scale or a hyperfocal scale, check out our blog post about how to use the hyperfocal scale on Irix Lenses

Focus Ring Lock

Use our innovative Focus Lock to lock the focus ring and to ensure a consistent focus setting when doing repetitive shots. Forget about accidentally moving your focus ring and having to start all over again. 

9 Rounded Aperture Blades

The diaphragm of our Irix 15mm lens consists of 9 curved blades.Why so many blades? The more blades, the less angular the opening.

Why curved blades? The curved edge helps make the edge of the aperture even more round. Combined with the higher-than usual number of blades, this creates beautifully rounded bokeh effects when you shoot for shallow depth of field.

Here's a great bonus: the unique design of our 15mm lens diaphragm also creates unique, beautiful starbursts (diffraction spikes) around bright lights in your images when you stop it down. These  distinctive starbursts have become well known as an easily recognizable, signature feature of our flagship lens!

Weather sealed

Adventurous as we are, when we shoot outdoors, we want to be prepared for ANYTHING. If it suddenly starts raining or if we need to stay out al night (or start very early) and dew starts forming on our precious camera and lens, well, we don't want to have to worry about that. When the wind is kicking up dust or sand, we don't want it ending up inside our lenses. We don't think you should have to worry about those things, either!

The Blackstone lens has 4 Inner Seals (1 x mount, 2 x body and 1 x front element). This feature makes the Blackstone version the perfect choice for photographers who need to work in all kinds of weather, rain or shine.

The Firefly lens has 3 Inner Seals (1 x mount and 2 x body). 

Optional Callibration

Last, but not least! Irix lenses allow you to callibrate them yourself. This does not mean that our lenses are not correctly callibrated, all Irix lenses are factory callibrated to give the best results possible on a maximum amount of camera models. 

However, as any professional photographer will know, sometimes you need to recallibrate your lens (this can happen with any lens and any brand on the market), Unlike many other brands, here at Irix, we try to be practical and give every user the possibility to do this themselves without having to go through lenghty and possibly expensive processes. 

Ergonomic Focus Ring

The Firefly lens has een equipped with a rubber ergonomic focusing ring with making it super easy to operate. It is also much lighter than the Blackstone, which is has a focus ring made out of aluminium. 

UV Reactive Paint

We've really thought about everything! The next time you go out shooting the night sky with your new Irix 15mm Blackstone, all you need will be a small UV flashlight to be able to choose the settings on your lens. Forget about blinding yourself (and others around you) every time you need to adjust your lens settings. You can leave that huge white light flashlight at home! Or at least in your bag once you start shooting... We engraved our Blackstone lenses with special UV reactive paint that will light up under any UV light. 

Additional Data
Lens Specifications
Front Filter Size95mm
Image CoverageFull Frame 35mm
Field of View110º (Diagonal)
Focal Length15mm
Number of Iris Blades9 Rounded Blades
Aperture Rangef/2.4 - f/22
Aperture ControlThrough the camera
Focusing TypeManual with AE Focus Confirmation Chip
Focusing Distance0.92 ft (0.28 m) - ∞
Lens Construction15 Elements in 11 Groups
Dimensions4.49" x 3.94" (114 x 100mm)
Weight1.28 - 1.51 lbs (581 - 685 g)
Included AccessoriesLens hood, Front lens cap, Rear lens cap, Lens Case

Irix 15mm f/2.4 Optical Construction

The optical construction of the Irix Blackstone wide-angle lens is superb, meeting the most demanding requirements of modern cameras. 15 elements in 11 groups include three elements of highly refractive glass and two of extra-low dispersion glass. Two aspherical lenses provide extremely high image quality and improve image brightness at the edges, while minimizing distortion and aberration. Irix 15mm wide-angles also feature 9 rounded diaphragm blades, perfect for beautiful bokeh at wide aperture settings.

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