Irix 11mm f/4.0 Rectilinear Wide Angle Lens

Irix 11mm f/4.0 Rectilinear Wide Angle Lens

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This 11mm wide angle rectilinear lens is suitable for all photographers, whether you're a landscape photographer, a nature photographer, architecture, interior or astrophotographer.

The minimal barrel distorsion of 3,13% and an astonishing diagonal angle of view of 126º will make this an ideal tool for both outdoor and indoor photography. 

By combining analogue photography with ingenious technology and solutions, the Irix 11mm f/4.0 is perfect for both professionals and hobbyists.

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The Widest Rectilinear Lens in its class!

In the case of Nikon, it's the widest rectilinear lens in every class. There simply is no wider rectilinear lens for Nikon Full Frame on the market.

Following the Irix 15mm f/2.4, the Irix 11mm has inherited the same tested and appreciated technological solutions such as: a convenient focus lock mechanism, an extremely useful infinity click-stop feature and a very intuitive and user-friendly hyperfocal scale. A rear gelatin filter slot is another feature it shares with its 15mm sibling.

Just like the Irix 15mm, the new lens is offered in two finish versions. Firefly, as a standard version is made of lightweight composite, provided with an anti-slip rubber coating and clearly printed markings. The premium version, the Blackstone, features a durable aluminum/magnesium alloy body that ensures rugged durability. Blackstone’s engraved fluorescent markings reflect UV light to enable easy operation in low-light conditions.

People say

When I have a wide-angle composition in front of me, I always reach for one of the Irix lenses...

Richard Bernabe

Richard Bernabe

All Irix lenses can be used in even the harshest weather conditions. Both versions of the 11mm are equipped with weather seals that protect the interior against dust and moisture. Two seals around the focus ring and one on the bayonet mount also protect against accidental water splashes.

The Blackstone and Firefly versions feature identical mechanical and optical construction. The Swiss-designed optics offer minimal barrel distortion at 3.13% and an astonishing diagonal angle of view of 126 degrees. This combination makes the new lens an ideal tool for both outdoor and indoor photography – from photojournalism to landscapes and architecture. Encompassing capabilities once specific to analog photography with ingenious technology, the Irix 11mm f/4 is a perfect solution for both professionals and hobbyists.

The Widest Rectlinear Wide-Angle for Full Frame

Differences between Firefly and Blackstone lenses

This lens exists in two different finishes, the normal version called Firefly and a premium version called Blackstone. Both lenses have identical optical quality, the only differences are in the housing. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the one that best fits for you. 

Infinity Focus "Click" and DOF Scale
Rear Slot for Gel Filters
Focus Lock Ring
Weather Sealed
9 Rounded Blades
Option to Callibrate
Ergonomic Focus Ring
Lightweigt Durable Plastic Housing
UV Light Reactive Markings
Robust Metal Housing

So what makes us so special?

Being photographers ourselves, we knew exactly what would make our (photography) lives easier. We have combined manual photography with a few small but ingenious improvements, making this lens the ideal solution for both professionals and hobbyists. Check them out below.

Infinity Click

Thanks to the infinity focus "click",  you can find the infinity focus position without looking if you need to. When you turn the focus ring, you will feel a small "click" when you reach the infinity position.

This is extremely helpful when you need to focus at night or when you're looking through your viewfinder for example.

Rear Gel Filters

The Irix 15mm has a 95mm front filter thread AND a rear gelatin filter slot for even more creative options. You can purchase our Irix Edge gel filters or you can cut your own, the size is 30x30mm

Easy to use Hyperfocal Scale

The Hyperfocal scale on the Irix 15mm provides constant depth of field information. When you're setting the focusing ring to infinity, you will hear a noticeable "click", making it even more easy to find that position, even at night or when visibility is limited. 

The scale is represented in both meters (metric system) and in feet (imperial system). 

If you've never used a hyperfocal scale before, check out our blog post about how to use the hyperfocal scale on Irix Lenses

Focus Ring Lock

Use our innovative Focus Lock to lock the focus ring and to ensure a consistent focus setting when doing repetitive shots. Forget about accidentally moving your focus ring and having to start all over again. 

9 Rounded Aperture Blades

The 9 rounded diaphragm blades of the Irix 15mm will create a beautiful round bokeh effect. The rounded blades make sure that the aperture is circular which will create a rounded bokeh in your images.

9 blades are also more than average and the more blades, the rounder the aperture. 

Weather sealed

Adventurous as we are, when we go shoot outdoors, we want to be prepared for ANYTHING. So if it suddenly starts raining or if we need to stay out al night (or start very early) and dew starts forming on our precious camera and lens, well, we don't want to have to worry about that, and neither should you! 

The 11mm lenses both have 3 rubber sealings (1 x mount, 2 x body) to protect the lens from water, humidity and dust. 

Optional Callibration

Last, but not least! Irix lenses allow you to callibrate them yourself. This does not mean that our lenses are not correctly callibrated, all Irix lenses are factory callibrated to give the best results possible on a maximum amount of camera models. 

However, as any professional photographer will know, sometimes you need to recallibrate your lens (this can happen with any lens and any brand on the market), Unlike many other brands, here at Irix, we try to be practical and give every user the possibility to do this themselves without having to go through lenghty and possibly expensive processes. 

Ergonomic Focus Ring

The Firefly lens has een equipped with a rubber ergonomic focusing ring with making it super easy to operate. It is also much lighter than the Blackstone, which is has a focus ring made out of aluminium. 

UV Reactive Paint

As with the 15mm Blackstone lens, the 11mm Blackstone lens also has engraved markings with UV reactive paint.  All you need will be a small UV flashlight to be able to choose the settings on your lens in the dark. Forget about blinding yourself (and others around you) every time you need to adjust your lens settings. You can leave that huge white light flashlight at home! Or at least in your bag once you start shooting... We engraved our Blackstone lenses with special UV reactive paint that will light up under any UV light. 

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Lens Specifications
Image Coverage Full Frame 35mm
Field of View 126º (Diagonal)
Focal Length 11mm
Number of Iris Blades 9 Rounded Blades
Aperture Range f/4.0 - f/22
Aperture Control Through the camera
Focusing Type Manual with AE Focus Confirmation Chip
Focusing Distance 0.9 ft (0.27 m ) - ∞
Lens Construction 16 Elements in 10 Groups
Dimensions 4.49" x 4.05" (118 x 103mm)
Weight 1.61 - 1.74 lbs (730 - 790 g)
Included Accessories Front lens cap, Rear lens cap, Lens case

Irix 11mm f/4.0 Optical Construction

The 11mm lens is an extremely wide full frame rectilinear lens with a 126° angle of view. 4 highly refractive lenses (UR), 2 ED lenses and 3 aspherical lenses guarantee minimal distortion, as low as 3.13%, making it absolutely unique in its class.

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