Do you want to save on your next Irix purchase? 

Do you own an Irix product or have access to one and you want to save some money on your next Irix product?  That's easy! All you have to do is let other people know why you like your Irix product and you could save up to 20% on your next purchase.

What do you have to do?

  1. Create a video at least 5 minutes long.
  2. In that video, explain why you like your Irix product and why you recommend it (you can talk about the construction, results, features, etc), and what you use it for.
  3. Include example images or footage created with your Irix product.
  4. Contact us and share the video link with us (you can contact us through our contact form here).

How do you receive the discount?

If we decide to share your video on our social media channels, you will receive a discount code for 20% off of one of our Irix lenses (Still or Cine) AND 15% off of a purchase of Irix Edge filters. These discounts are only valid for purchases on our website:

Some example videos to get inspired

IRIX 45mm Cine Lens Review | BEST BUDGET Cine lens?!

Irix 15mm Blackstone F2.4: Hands-On First Look | 4K

IRIX 11mm f/4.0 Blackstone DSLR Camera Lens Review w/ Sample Images

Are the Irix Cine 150mm T3.0 and 45mm T1.5 lenses any good?

Photo101: Why and how to use ND filters (feat. the Irix Edge ND32000)

Irix 150mm f/2.8 Macro Lens - The New King Of Macro (Field Tested)

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