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Irix Edge SR Light Pollution Filter

Are you tired of noticing a yellow glow of city lights in your pictures? Lucky for you, you can now use our new Irix Edge SR Light Pollution filter and avoid the bright yellow glow of the city and get real colors in your nightscapes. Our SR Light Pollution filter comes in handy every time we want to take a picture near or in a city. For example, city landscapes, street photography, or astrophotography.

New and improved Irix Edge SR Series (Super Resistant) Incredible resistance against mechanical damage Increased resistance to internal stress (compression) Increased scratch resistance Nano coating to repel dust and dirt 5 years warranty for the coatings used on the filter

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Take control over your night photography!

Try our Irix Edge SR Light Pollution Filter, you'll be amazed!

Considering light as a source of pollution may seem strange at first, but have you ever noticed how turning the light on in one room can sometimes be more visible than turning one on in another room?

The same thing happens with the city lights. They emit light in different ways and different colours (different wavelengths), and they can cause a glow that can effectively hamper or even prevent us from taking pcitures of stars or the Milky Way.

Of course, the best solution would be to find a space without any air pollution, low humidity, and no light pollution; but here we have to face the brutal reality that there are only very few places lest on earth that allow such luxuries, and most of the times they are very difficult to acces (Atacama Desert anyone?).

So be prepared! Because you will probably have to deal with at least some light pollution, but with our Light Pollution filter, this will not be a big deal anymore. 

The dominating yellowish colour that can be seen in the picture – when taken at night – is the result of sodium lamp streetlighting. The Irix Edge Light Pollution filter shuts out this yellowish haze.

This type of filter can be successfully used in the city, in the urban landscape, or with photography of the night sky when we want to capture the stars, or the Milky Way, with natural colours.

Irix Edge SR Filters

The optical glass has been subjected to a special thermal treatment to increase its rigidity; in addition, both surfaces of the filter have been covered by coatings that further increase the overall strength of the entire filter surface.

The Irix Edge filters has been developed based on the highest quality optical glass which guarantees high light transmission.

A multilayer anti-reflective coating has been applied to minimize the risk of unwanted reflections has been applied on both surfaces of the filter.

The filter also has a NANO coating with hydro and oil-repellent characteristics. This means that dirt does not adhere to its surface and so maintenance of the filter’s surface is easy.

The filter frame is made of lightweight and durable aluminium. Its surface has been covered with a black coating. This special finish minimizes the risk of flare, while being resistant to damage and scratches.

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