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Irix Edge MMS Magnetic Variable ND2-5 Filter

The Irix Edge VariND 2-5 Magnetic Filter is one of the thinnest filters of its kind on the market. This filter was designed specifically for our Cine lens line. Since there is no need for a thread, it's up to 51% thinner than most similar filters. Thanks to its special design, we were able to squeeze all the important elements into a small and lightweight casing. The Irix Edge Vari ND is half the size of most filters on the market. A thinner frame prevents issues of vignetting even on the wider lenses or when stacking additional filters. A no-slip finish on the bottom makes sure the filter will stay in one place while being attached just by magnets.

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Irix Edge MMS Variable ND2-5 Filter

Irix Edge Variable ND Filters Key Features:

  • Top optical quality – the Irix Edge filters have been developed with the highest quality optical glass, guaranteeing a maximum of light transmission
  • Ultra thin – only 4.7mm for the MMS version, with a no slip finish, making this one of the most compact variable ND filters on the market
  • The filter frame is made of lightweight and durable aluminum. Its surface has been covered with a black coating
  • 24 Multi Coating layers for reduced reflections, making them oil resistant and water resistant.
  • Super Resistance (SR Series) – because we used a special choice of resistant glass, the filter is designed to survive almost any situation (available only in the MMS variant).

Vari ND in Film Production

The basic rule to achieve a "cinematic look" is using a doubled shutter speed in relation to the frames per second. If we want to achieve a perfect motion blur and smooth movement while shooting with 30 fps without filter, then the only option is closing the iris, and thus sacrificing bokeh. But if you use an ND filter will allow you to stop some of the light from reaching the sensor, maintaining the correct shutter speed, and desired iris. Variable ND allow you to change the ND density, eliminating the need to carry multiple filters with you.

Many Variable ND filters on the market can be closed down completely. With infinite rotation, they can go to almost black. In theory, this would be a positive feature but in real-life, it ends up being very problematic. Firstly, due to the construction of variable ND filters, the more you close it, the more artifacts you’re adding to the image, and you will lose sharpness and color too. Secondly, by not knowing how many stops we are closing down, we may also have issues in matching exposures between different lenses. For example, let’s imagine you have a fast lens and a slower lens with a difference of one stop. You decided to use the faster lens on the widest aperture to produce that amazing bokeh. Thanks to the marked stops on the filter, we can keep the lens wide open, change the density on the filter by one stop and achieve the same exposure on the slower lens.

Super Resistant to withstand any conditions

Thanks to a special choice of resistant glass, this flter has been designed to survive any conditions you will throw at it, and at the same time protect your lens. 

The Irix Edge SR (Super Resistant) series is designed to repel oil and water and is immune to scratches and dust. The filter is built from two CPL filters, each with 12 different multi-coatings, giving it a total amount of 12 layers of coating. 

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